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"Wonder" by R.J. Palacio

'Wonder' by R.J. Palacio


August Pullman is special. He is one in four million; at least that's the odds of someone having the same syndromes that made his face look so different. But Auggie is special in so many other important ways. Surviving numerous facial surgeries and homeschooled until fourth grade, Auggie's courageous adjustment to fifth grade in his first real school is not like other students. Auggie's story is realistically told through his voice and shifts narrators throughout to include his sister Via, friend Miranda, and new school friends: Summer, Jack and Justin. Auggie's story is guaranteed to capture your heart. It might even change your life in a small way; perhaps you may find yourself choosing kindness more often. This amazing children's book should be read by everyone.

Reviewed by Sharyn H.

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