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"Nantucket Blue (Nantucket, #1)" by Leila Howland

'Nantucket Blue (Nantucket, #1)' by Leila Howland

★★★★ A cozy and captivating summer beach read, "Nantucket Blue" takes us through the most pivotal summer of Cricket Thompson's life. The summer before her senior year of high school, Cricket's life monumentally changes when her best friend's mother suddenly dies. Nora, whom Cricket spent more time with than her own newly divorced mother, leaves a gaping hole, one that turns Cricket's best friend into someone that barely continues to talk to her. Determined to still spend the summer near her best friend, Cricket takes on a housekeeping job in Nantucket. What ensues is a summer full of falling for the ‘wrong’ guy and learning more about herself and her family than she had expected or hoped for.

Reviewed by Sarah M.

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