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Wisconsin's Digital Library

Wisconsin's Digital Library (aka OverDrive) is a catalog of free e-books, audio books and videos that you can check out, download and enjoy for limited periods of time. All you need is a library card and special software to facilitate the download process. Wisconsin's Digital Library is a service of the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium and is available to patrons throughout the state.

First-time users:

Make sure your device is compatible! Visit the Device Resource Center.

Quick guides / instructions:

Required software: OverDrive Media Console | Adobe Digital Editions
(Note: Please read the appropriate "quick guide" for your device first.)

Checkout limits: A maximum of 10 OverDrive items may be checked out for seven or 14 days at a time; e-books have an additional 21-day option. Except for e-books, items cannot be returned early. Renewals are only possible by checking out the item again, and only if no one else is waiting for it.

Download availability: Not all downloads are immediately available. Like physical library items, they only can be checked out to a set number of users at one time. However, you may "place a hold" on any item to be notified when it becomes available. You will receive an email, and the item will be held for you for three days.

Help topics / resources:

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2/11/16 Heads up!  The 2016 WPLC Digital Collections Library Survey is on its way! But first, thank you for your help getting the word out about the 2016 WPLC Digital Collections Patron Survey!  Soon, it will be your turn to offer your expert opinion about the collection of materials in Wisconsin's Digital Library. The 2016 WPLC Digital Collections Library Survey will open on February 25th to get your feedback on how the digital collection should grow and evolve. ... (read more)