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Aspiring Authors...Mark Your Calendar!

September 2, 2010

Who amongst all of us would-be authors hasn't fantasized about writing that chart-topping, award-winning, million-dollar bestseller?!? And who hasn't mulled over how to get started writing? Or how you get your magnum opus published? Or possible pitfalls along the way? Well, Marathon County Public Library and the Wausau Area of Wisconsin Romance Writers may have just what you need!

On Saturday, September 11, four published authors from the Romance Writers Group will be presenting a program - 'So You Want to be Published?' - that should help many prospective authors regardless of the genre they write in.

Lyn Cote, Helen Johannes, Renee Wildes and Laurel Bradley will offer an overview of the current publishing scene. They will discuss modern publishing options ranging from traditional book publishing to self-publishing, Print-on-Demand and ebooks; opportunities available; common mistakes and pitfalls; scams to avoid; etc.

Along with presenting their own publishing experiences, the authors will be happy to answer any questions from the audience.

The authors will also have copies of their books for sale and signing.

The one-hour program begins at 11:00 in the Wausau Room, Headquarters Library, 300 North 1st Street. The meeting is free and no pre-registration is needed.

So, all would-be Stephen Kings, Danielle Steels or Stephen Ambroses should mark their calendars. Come on down to the Marathon County Public Library on September 11th and take the first steps to becoming a published author!