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DIY @ Home Craft: Jelly Bean Creations

jelly bean and toothpick cube

April 14, 2020

This time of year, you might see an abundance of jelly beans at the store. Not only can these make for a sweet treat, but you can also use them to build and create!

If your family is looking for a creative STEM idea to engage in while at home, try building with jellybeans! This craft requires simple supplies found in most homes and can be adapted as needed. Just follow the steps below and, before you know it, you'll be a jellybean architect!

You will need jellybeans (preferably large jellybeans, though small ones work, too!) and toothpicks. If you don't have jelly beans or toothpicks on hand, you can use dried spaghetti noodles and marshmallows instead. Carefully, poke the jellybean with one end of a toothpick, then add another jellybean to the other side. Add another toothpick to one of the jellybeans and continue building any way you want!

Here are some challenges to get your creativity flowing:

Build a jelly bean cube:

Observe the way this cube as been constructed. Can you duplicate it? Or instead of a square cube, could you make a rectangular one?

jelly bean and toothpick cube


Build a jelly bean tetrahedron:

Tetrahedron is another word for a triangular pyramid. Try making tetrahedrons with different angles so that they each appear different.


jelly bean tetrahedron

Now that your imagination is running, what other shapes or structures can you think to build? Experiment and have fun! 

If creating and building at home is a favorite activity of yours, consider checking out some of these digital makerspace books from Wisconsin's Digital Library via the Overdrive or Libby apps.

Explore Makerspace! by Alicia Klepeis

Rosie Revere's Big Project Book for Bold Engineers by Andrea Beaty

Maker Lab Outdoors: 25 Super Cool Projects - Build, Invent, Create, Discover by Jack Challoner

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image credit: MCPL