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DIY @ Home Craft: Upcycled T-Shirt Bag

T-shirt and scissors

April 22, 2021

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Since I love to craft, I wanted to make something but also be environmentally-conscience. I chose to upcycle a t-shirt. Upcycling is taking something you already have and transforming it into something else. 

I hope you join me and try this very simple project: a reusable t-shirt bag! Best of all, no sewing or skill of any kind is required to make!

Supplies needed:

- T-shirt



1. Find a t-shirt that you no longer want to wear. Maybe use that one that has gone out of style, or one that has a small stain on it.

2. Cut the sleeves and the collar off of the shirt (this will form the handles of the bag). To make the opening of the bag a bit bigger, cut a deep U-shape where the collar was. However, do not make it deeper than the sleeve openings. At this stage, the t-shirt will look similar to a tank top.T-shirt cut into sections

3. Lay the shirt on a hard, flat surface with the bottom of the shirt closest to you. Cut a slit along each side of the t-shirt, about 2 to 3-inches long. This will help distinguish the front side of the shirt from the backside. Cutting a t-shirt with scissors

4. Holding both the front and back together, cut slits along the bottom of the shirt, about 2 to 3-inches long. Leave about a 3/4-inch between each slit. (Marking this out with a ruler is helpful). When you are done cutting, your shirt should look like it has fringes or tassels on the bottom. Fringes cut into t-shirt

5. Starting on one side, take one of the fringe pieces from the top, and its corresponding piece from the bottom, and tie them together a knot. knotted fringes on t-shirt

Continue on with each top-and-bottom set of fringes until the entire bottom of the shirt is tied into several knots. several knots on bottom of t-shirt


Congratulations!  You have created an up-cycled, reusable bag! upcycled t-shirt bag


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image credit: MCPL