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DIY @ Home: Hummingbird Craft

example of hummingbird craft

September 2, 2021

You probaby didn't know this, but September 4 is National Hummingbird Day! Celebrated on the first Saturday of September, this is a great time to take notice of these beautiful, energetic birds before they migrate south.

But even after they're gone for the year, you can still have hummingbirds around by crafting your own! Using some common household supplies, just follow the steps below and you'll soon have a charm of your own ("charm" is a term for a group of hummingbirds!)


Supplies needed:

2 Pom-poms

1 toothpick or pipe cleaner

1 cupcake liner or 3 craft feathers


Black marker


Googly eyes (optional)



1. If you have a toothpick, cut it in half. Using the marker, color it black and then set it aside to dry. This will be your hummingbird’s beak. You can also cut a pipe cleaner if you don’t have a toothpick.

2. Glue your two pom-poms together to create your bird’s body.

3. Glue on googly eyes to give the bird eyes, or draw the eyes on with your black marker if you don't have googly eyes.

4. Add the hummingbird's beak by carefully inserting the toothpick or pipe cleaner into the pom-pom where thehummingbird’s eyes are.

5. Cut your cupcake liner into 4 even pieces and glue one on each side for its wings and one on the end for its tailfeather. Alternatively, you can glue on craft feathers instead of a cut cupcake liner.



Did you know - hummingbirds can sometimes spread more pollen than even bees? And their amazing wings allow them to move in all different ways, even backwards and upside down!


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image credit: MCPL