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January 26, 2018

It's officially tax season, and countless patrons have been calling, chatting and visiting the Marathon County Public Library to inquire about the availability of state and federal tax forms. While we have received most forms, we are still waiting for a few final ones to arrive.

As of February 19, 2018, we have received all of the state forms that we requested from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. These forms include the Form 1, Form 1A, Form WI-Z, Schedule H/HEZ (includes rent certificate) and the Form WD, as well as the instruction booklets for each of these. Additional forms can be found on the state's Department of Revenue website and can be printed off at any MCPL location at a cost of .10 cents per page.

MCPL has also received all of the federal forms that we requested from the IRS (finally!), which include the 1040, 1040 A and 1040 EZ forms, as well as the instruction booklets for the 1040, 1040 A and 1040 EZ. These forms (and many other IRS forms) can also be printed from at any MCPL location at a cost of .10 cents per page. Copies of instruction booklets for the 1040, 1040 A and 1040 EZ are also available for checkout at MCPL Wausau.

Availability of these forms varies between MCPL locations so it is suggested that you contact your nearest location to find out which forms they have prior to visiting.

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