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March 23, 2012

If you liked The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, try one of these dystopian young adult novels.


Book Cover: 'Variant' by Wells, Robison E.Variant by Wells, Robison E.






Book Cover: 'Blood Red Road' by Young, MoiraBlood Red Road by Young, Moira






Book Cover: 'The House of the Scorpion' by Farmer, NancyThe House of the Scorpion by Farmer, Nancy






Book Cover: 'Hole in the Sky' by Hautman, PeteHole in the Sky by Hautman, Pete


Book Cover: 'Exodus' by Bertagna, JulieExodus by Bertagna, Julie







Book Cover: 'Dark Life' by Falls, KatDark Life by Falls, Kat







Book Cover: 'The Supernaturalist' by Colfer, EoinThe Supernaturalist by Colfer, Eoin






Book Cover: 'Epic' by Kostick, ConorEpic by Kostick, Conor







Book Cover: 'Uglies' by Westerfeld, ScottUglies by Westerfeld, Scott







Book Cover: 'Unwind' by Shusterman, NealUnwind by Shusterman, Neal






Book Cover: 'Life as we Knew it' by Pfeffer, Susan BethLife as we Knew it by Pfeffer, Susan Beth






Book Cover: 'Graceling' by Cashore, KristinGraceling by Cashore, Kristin






Book Cover: 'Candor' by Bachorz, PamCandor by Bachorz, Pam






Book Cover: 'Ship Breaker' by Bacigalupi, PauloShip Breaker by Bacigalupi, Paulo






Book Cover: 'Matched' by Condie, AllysonMatched by Condie, Allyson






Book Cover: 'The Maze Runner' by Dashner, JamesThe Maze Runner by Dashner, James






Book Cover: 'Incarceron' by Fisher, CatherineIncarceron by Fisher, Catherine






Book Cover: 'The Line' by Hall, TeriThe Line by Hall, Teri






Book Cover: 'Legend' by Lu, MarieLegend by Lu, Marie






Book Cover: 'Rot and Ruin' by Maberry, JonathanRot and Ruin by Maberry, Jonathan






Book Cover: 'The Unidentified' by Mariz, RaeThe Unidentified by Mariz, Rae






Book Cover: 'Cinder' by Meyer, MarissaCinder by Meyer, Marissa






Book Cover: 'Ashfall' by Mullin, MikeAshfall by Mullin, Mike






Book Cover: 'Across the Universe' by Revis, BethAcross the Universe by Revis, Beth






Book Cover: 'Divergent' by Roth, VeronicaDivergent by Roth, Veronica






Book Cover: 'Birthmarked' by O'Brien, Caragh M.Birthmarked by O'Brien, Caragh M.






Book Cover: 'The Knife of Never Letting Go' by Ness, PatrickThe Knife of Never Letting Go by Ness, Patrick







Book Cover: 'Under the Never Sky' by Rossi, VeronicaUnder the Never Sky by Rossi, Veronica

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