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Imaginative Murals Speak to You

detail of children's mural

August 16, 2011

You will be amazed at the wonderful, imaginative colorful murals that have hit the walls in the Children’s area @Wausau.  These tempera paint murals were created collaboratively by students in grades K-5 at Hawthorn Hills Elementary School, under the direction of art specialist, Steve Loftus. 

Students were challenged to integrate their themes with illustrations from story books and include science, social studies, history, and math.  All students needed to contribute by drawing or painting.

Older fourth and fifth grade students drew animals, people, objects, architectural elements and natural objects like flowers, birds,  and fish.  Third and fourth grade students painted and blended inside the drawings, while younger second, first and kindergarten students painted on the outlines drawn by the older children.   Students, regardless of age, were entrusted with the more difficult finishing details of embellishing and enhancing the final compositions.   Students who were highly interested in the project also worked on the murals during their free times—recess, noon hours, and before or after school in order to complete them before the school art exhibition.

Come and see the wonderful imaginative paintings that these students created for our enjoyment!  Each one tells its own story.  What do you see/hear?


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image credit: Fair use.