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Let your child’s imagination run wild in the jungle!

Jungle-themed Early Literacy Center

November 15, 2018

In the months of November and December, you will find jungle-themed activities and books in our Early Literacy Center at MCPL Wausau. “Early literacy” is a term for what children know about reading and writing before learning how to read and write. They develop these skills by talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing with a caregiver.

In the jungle, you can say hello to Gerald the Giraffe, a four foot stuffed animal alongside our safari jeep. Go on safari and talk with your child about what animals they see, what kind of terrain they are driving on, and more! Using the safari jeep is a great time to talk with your children and let their imaginations soar. You will also find a “matching animal halves activity” on the magnetic wall, along with matching name tags. On the flannel wall, you will find pieces to tell the story Chicka Chicka Boom Boom with your child. Use the monkey flannel pieces to tell the songs and rhymes printed on the wall.

As always, there is a wide variety of jungle books that you can read together in the cozy reading nook. Put a jungle puzzle together, or ask for the tangram pieces at the children’s desk to make beautiful tangram animals. The Early Literacy Center is more than just play, it is a time to interact with your child. You may also learn a few things about brain development and how the activities are helping build your child’s early literacy skills. Visit us today to explore the jungle, read, and build your child’s brain!

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image credit: photo taken by Taylor Weinfurter