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"Love in Six Words" story contest winners

February 16, 2015

We're happy to share with the public all of the entries submitted for our recent "Love in Six Words" contest. We received an amazing 141 entries from 91 writers! (Each participant could submit up to three entries.) Below are our top 5, as judged by a half-dozen library staff, and below that are all 141 entries.
Thank you so much to all who submitted and start thinking for next year when we host this contest again!

1. "I Love You - For All Time" - Dave Anderson (Mr. Anderson included this explanation with his submission: “My wife has recently passed away and this is the phrase I mention when I'm thinking of her. When I saw your contest poster, that's the first words to come to mind - and then I counted…six words.”)
2. “Sixty-three years sharing spoons” – Jeff Kocha
3. “My heart beats…because of you!” – Lynette Clark
(Miss Clark included this explanation with her submission: “My retired registered nurse sister navigated the medical system, and made sure I received emergency heart surgery, which saved my life.”)
4. “Love is playing together, and snuggling” – Dayton Genrich (age 4)
5. “1952 classmates, 2013 wedding – love forever” – Harold Matis

All Entries (in the order they were received):

  • “I Love Her, She Loves Me” – Ken & Priscilla Barker
  • “ Heartbeats synchronize echoes in timeless halls” – Ashley Spencer
  • “Endless books, Spring’s warmth and free coffee” – Ashley Spencer
  • “Hard. Soft. Rough. Silk. Serene. Ascend.” – Ashley Spencer
  • “Meet. Greet. Treat. Repeat. Entreat. ‘SWEET’” – Susan J. Keene
  • “Love one another, compassion, respect, trust” – Deanna Rotar
  • “36 years later we’re getting married” – Barb Becher
  • “Chapstick: closest lips will touch NOT!” – Deb Lewitzke
  • “Hesitation Infatuation Attraction Reaction Commitment Fulfillment” – Deb Lewitzke
  • “Sharing caring loving Romantic fantastic enthusiastic” – Deb Lewitzke
  • “First Hottie neighbor, now husband FOREVER!” – No name given
  • “Neighbor. Friends. Dating. Marriage. Children. PERFECT!” No name given
  • “Loved at first sight, together forever.” Jan C. Stroik
  • “We met, We love, We're family” Jan C. Stroik
  • “Drawn to him like a magnet” Joan Adamscheck
  • “Eyes to eyes, soul to soul” Joan Adamscheck
  • “Radiates warmth, burning eyes, total heat” Joan Adamscheck
  • “Sixty-three years sharing spoons” Jeff Kocha
  • “To GIVE love is life’s TRUE meaning” Pam (no last name given)
  • “Loves true meaning: GIVING and RECEIVING” Pam (No last name given)
  • “Passion that will melt your heart!” Bob Eberhardy
  • “Crush.  Love.  Marriage.  Kids.  Grandkids.  Bliss.” - Christopher Swearingen
  • “She sees past all my flaws” - Christopher Swearingen
  • “My heart beats … because of you!” - Lynette Clark
  • "Divorced. Introduced. Learned Forgiveness. Happily Ever-after” - Amy Ostrem
  • “Thirty years later, true love reigns” – Shereen Siewert
  • “He is my ‘Happily Ever After’” – Barb Becher
  • “Strangers, Friends, Lovers, Passion, Companion, Comfort” – Kathy Bird
  • “Warm, soft kisses pressed on lips” – Karl Marquardt
  • “She’s my umbrella when it’s raining” – Laurie Bauer
  • “Not always roses, but always flowers” – Laurie Bauer
  • “She made my dreams a reality” – Laurie Bauer
  • “Two hearts together, lifetimes too short” – No name given
  • “Love paints your life with rainbows” – No name given
  • “We’ll never have to be alone” – Theresa Schulta
  • “The best is yet to come” – Noreen Schreiber
  • “Loving, truthful, respects, patient, best friend” – Helen Wisz
  • “Each day you light my world” – Harold Matis
  • “1952 classmates, 2013 wedding, love forever” – Harold Matis
  • “Innocent teens, Christmas Eve = Forever Love” – Linda Landowski
  • “My bride, my love, my heart” – Rick Reyer
  • “Hearts sing. Bought ring. Lasting thing.” – Amanda Herdt
  • “Me. You. Said “I do.” Yahoo!” – Amanda Herdt
  • “With you, always true, life through” – Amanda Herdt
  • “They got married. Happily ever after” – Catherine Herdt (age 10)
  • “Here there then now us always” – Pat Harrison
  • “Listen talk listen talk listen embrace” – Pat Harrison
  • “Live together. Criticize. Apologize. Forgive…Again” – Pat Harrison
  • “Love cannot be described in words” – Kieran Grogan
  • “One truly amazing beautiful blonde woman” – Gary Landowski
  • "My world, My heart, My soul” – Karl Bauman
  • "Everything I want, Everything I need.” – Karl Bauman
  • “Family fun faith water air shelter” – Jan Atkinson
  • “Love, always having each other’s backs” – Sue Martell
  • “Family, husband and three healthy boys” – Rachel Parks
  • “Hearing your baby’s first healthy cry” – Sarah Londerville
  • “SIX (love in) WORDS!!!” – Rena Dums
  • “Love is playing together, and snuggling” – Dayton Genrich (age 4)
  • “Love is all that is life” – Megan Johnson
  • “Hard work that never gives up” – Heidi Fairley
  • “The thing worth living for” – Heidi Fairley
  • “A choice we must make everyday” – Heidi Fairley
  • “Love: Transfigurative light, unconditional calming peace” – Bethany Krombholz
  • “My awesome wife; my wonderful children” – Jason Doepke
  • “Love is patient, love is kind” – Jason Doepke
  • “Love does not delight in evil” – Jason Doepke
  • “Soldier boy, school girl, 43 years” – Debra Lind
  • “A kind, patient understanding of another” – Diane Guy
  • “Two souls…coming together…staying forever!” Monica Bogen
  • “Giving the last cookie to someone” – Kayla Brown
  • “It is hugs, kisses, and security” – Cindy Hurkes
  • “Unpredictable journey in happiness and sadness” – No name given
  • “Most wonderful feeling in the world!!!” – Cara Palmer
  • “Complex, necessary, contagious, encompassing, eternal, solid” – Michelle Raddatz
  • “Family, friends and warmth they give” – Tanya R. Moore
  • “Love means waking up happy” – Lorraine Petersen
  • “The strongest thing in the universe” – Rebecca Preu
  • “Embracing my mom in my arms” – David Luck
  • “Caring about or for someone” – No name given
  • “What you’ve been through with somebody” – James Thurber
  • “Putting someone else before you, always” – Holly Busse
  • “Love is caring for my grandsons” – Carlyn LeBeau
  • “…And then I saw your eyes” – Steve Weinkauf
  • “Two souls, lost no more” – Amy Hampton
  • “For God so loved the world” – Judy Mansavage
  • “Three babies, two souls, one life” – Katie Verstegen
  • “He is my dream, but real” – Heather Koeppel
  • “He is my dream, only real” – Heather Koeppel
  • “You’re the buns to my hamburger” – Darcy Miller
  • “Don’t ever stop loving your valentine” – Darcy Miller
  • “Love makes my heart sing loud” – Darcy Miller
  • “I love growing older with you” – Lynette Wolosek
  • “Caring and making each other happy” – Kathleen Wilson
  • “First best friends, now soul mates” – Angie Johnson
  • “Forever safe in your loving arms” – Angie Johnson
  • “Eighteen years of pure, true love” – Angie Johnson
  • “Lost love found, and begun anew” – Laurie Stoltz Kloth
  • “You are today, yesterday and tomorrow” – Steven Kruse
  • “Farmer plus city girl equals love” – Rachel Cornelius
  • “From locking eyes to sharing lives” Kelli Surendonk
  • “You’re my provider, protector, lover forever!” – Kelli Surendonk
  • “Two souls intertwined, yours and mine” – Kelli Surendonk
  • “My husband, he is my everything” – Anne (no last name given)
  • “Books, so you are never alone” – Anne (no last name given)
  • “Love is patience, understanding and humor” – Anne (no last name given)
  • “Open hand, surprise smile, sharing all” – Paul Hasman
  • “Forgiven tears, open window, eyes kiss” – Paul Hasman
  • “For all the times we never…” – Ryan Scherer
  • “Fifty-seven years and still holding hands!” – Lynn Lensmire
  • “Love is laughing and crying together” – Lynn Lensmire
  • “Putting the one you love, first” – Lynn Lensmire
  • “I’d marry you again, you know” – Michelle de Leon
  • “Neither borders nor language divided us” – Michelle de Leon
  • “Made for each other, love God” – Michelle de Leon
  • “Childhood love reconnected after thirty years” – Darlene Cusick
  • “Shy boy looking at pretty girl” – Darlene Cusick
  • “Love’s calibration: perilous for mere humans” – Mary Hogue
  • “Your splendid effulgence blinds me forever!” – Dorothy Bain
  • “Love defies death and astounds me” – Dorothy Bain
  • “I want something, anything, with you” – Dorothy Bain
  • “I am faithfully, lovingly his forever” – Betty L. Dotseth
  • “I love you – for all time” – Dave Anderson
  • “My love, my hero, my wife” – Dave Anderson
  • “Love at first sight, my wife” – Dave Anderson
  • “Valentine baby, selfless decision, family created” – Molly Novitzke
  • “My honey makes my heart throb” – Jeanette Tesch
  • “My husband’s true love is unspeakable” – Jeanette Tesch
  • “I can’t live without your” – Jeanette Tesch
  • “My heart is empty without you” – Terrance Tesch
  • “Married 45 years, the romantic adventure” – Terrance Tesch
  • “Wife who’s always there for me” – Terrance Tesch
  • “A feverish excitement to embrace forever!” Renee Stokka
  • “Losing her heart to him forever!” – Renee Stokka
  • “Far in distance, close in heart” – Renee Stokka
  • “You have always been my sunshine” – Marie Swita
  • “Love starts with a beautiful smile!” – Stan Szymanski
  • “Twenty years difference – still in love!” – Lynette Pupp

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