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New at MCPL: Playaway Launchpads!

Playaway Launchpads and tablet

August 15, 2020

Found in a bright orange case, you may have checked out Playaways or Playaway Views in the past, which are similar to audiobooks. Or maybe a Playaway Book Pack, that allows children to listen to a book while following the worlds on the page.

Now, MCPL is offering a fun new technology from Playaway: Playaway Launchpads! Similar to a tablet, Launchpads contain pre-loaded apps on a variety of subjects, including math, animals, puzzles and logic, learning foreign languages and more. These apps contain a mixture of learning-based games and activities, helping your child learn important concepts while having fun at the same time. Each Launchpad is geared for different age ranges and grade levels, which helps make sure the difficulty level of the pre-loaded content is just right. 

Playaway Launchpads don’t require Internet access (and therefore are 100% secure for your child to use) and have pre-selected activities that appropriate for their age and learning levels. They also come with a bright orange bumper to protect the device from damage, as well as a charging cord that allows you to charge the tablet between uses. For more information about these devices, take a look at Playaway’s website at

We have added 10 Playaway Launchpads to our collection at MCPL Wausau, but they can be checked out by any MCPL cardholder at any MCPL location. At the moment, each Launchpad checks out for a 28-day loan period. Below is a list of the titles in our Launchpad collection, along with links for checking each one out in the V-Cat catalog:


Geared toward children ages 8-10 (grades 3-5)

Kids will develop their critical thinking skills, solve complicated puzzles, and advance their thinking with these brain games and challenges.

Addicted to Puzzles Playaway Launchpad


Geared toward children ages 3-5 (grades Pre-K to K)

Engage curious kids with fascinating stories, interactive Hidden Pictures® puzzles, challenging games and more that help kids explore everything from music and dance to books and clothing, pets and more.

All About It! Critical Thinking Playaways Launchpad


Geared toward children 3+

ABC's and 123's come to life in a series of reading and math games where fun animals like bunny rabbits and hippos teach youngsters to expand their minds and explore their creativity!

Animal Talk Playaway Launchpad


Geared toward children ages 5-7 (grades K-2)

Bear Country comes to life in these engaging and interactive digital book apps that will excite young readers, teach literacy fundamentals and boost reading confidence.

Berenstain Bears Playaway Launchpad


Geared toward children ages 3-5 (grades Pre-K to K)

Artistic minds will take flight as children enter an interactive world where they can build robots, draw, color, play dress-up and much more! Engage your imagination; practice drawing and animating; boost concentration; develop creative and problem-solving skills.

Giddy Up Let's Create Playaway Launchpad


Geared toward children ages 3-5 (grades Pre-K to K)

Children can be whatever they want to be, exploring their way through the world as veterinarians, firefighters, doctors, pilots, presidents and more. Explore different professions; Learn day-to-day life skills; Develop critical thinking skills; Practice problem solving.

Job Adventures Playaway Launchpad


Geared toward children ages 8-10 (grades 3-5)

Children can advance skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; Use math knowledge to advance through challenges; Increase problem-solving speed; Strengthen strategic-thinking skills.

Math to the Max Playaway Launchpad


Geared toward children ages 5+

Kids will develop confidence while solving elementary math problems and advancing from basic skills through multiplication, geometry, and more.

Operation Smarts Playaway Launchpad


Geared toward children ages 5-7 (grades K-2)

Words come to life in these interactive games and storybooks designed to teach everything from letter and word recognition to reading comprehension, spelling and vocabulary.

Read It Write It Playaway Launchpad


Geared toward children ages 8-10 (grades 3-5)

Kids will explore languages from all over the world with these interactive learning games!

Romance Languages and More Playaway Launchpad

Children Early Literacy Education Language Learning Learning Technology

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