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Six Spooky Words Story Contest Results!

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October 31, 2020

Earlier this month, the Marathon County Public Library (MCPL) invited people of all ages to send us scary stories ahead of Halloween. The catch? The spooky submissions were limited to just six words!

We received 11 spooktacular submissions, and we want to share them with you! Our staff voted for their top three favorites, but we thought they're all fun and creative so we're including all of this year's entries!

The top three picks:

  1. “Flame out. Alone. Breath on neck” – Kelly Henderson​
  2. “We’ve time-traveled … It’s January 2020 again!” – Laura Lawler
  3. “An ear-piercing scream. Then Silence.” – Amanda Powers
(Editor's note, and full disclosure: Laura Lawler is an employee of MCPL, but the names of those who submitted stories were not included in the judging process, and Laura didn't vote for the top three. Plus, the "contest" doesn't include any actual prizes, other than public recognition.)

The other eight stories we received are:

  • ​​​"I am immune to COVID-19" - Patricia Knight
  • "Sasquatch was stalking its prey - YOU!" Atia Kampstra
  • "Its claws trickled of bleeding moonlight" - Claire Kroening
  • "A ghost haunted the mummy's tomb" - C. Lonsdorf 
  • "Eight legs crawling up your neck" - Orin Henderson
  • "Turn on the lights!" "They're on..." - Laura Lawler
  • "Welcome. Whenever you're ready, start feasting" - Analise Gassner
  • "Spooky, creepy, haunted monsters. Boo. Ekk." - Erin Hawley

Which one is your favorite? Leave your answer in the comments!

Thank you to everyone who submitted stories, and Happy Halloween!

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