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Summertime Fun and Learning @ MCPL

bag, book and sunglasses on pier by lake

July 15, 2011

There is still plenty of summer left to soar through the clouds and have adventures galore—all by visiting your library, attending programs, and reading.  One World, Many Stories, the Summer Library Program, is still operating at full speed.  It’s not just for kids. All ages are encouraged to participate, including babies, teens, and seniors.

Because reading and learning are important parts of the Summer Library Program, a Reading Club is part of the summer fun.  After you have read ten books or 25 pages, cross off a symbol on your reading ticket and turn it in.  Children 12 and under receive a small prize bag for their first ticket.

July and August are prime vacation months.  Why not grab some books @MCPL, or download them for free from OverDrive, transfer them to your ebook reader or other device, and take them on vacation with you for that lazy summer day at the pool or lake. 

Learn more about the Summer Library Program activities @ your MCPL location by visiting

We are wishing you many wonderful summer adventures!

Summer Library Program Children

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