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Terror! in Six Words story contest winners

October 31, 2015

We'd like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in our 2015 Terror! in Six Words story contest. We were thrilled to receive more than 80 entries from 78 participants! We had a blast reading through all the entries, and we hope you enjoy reading them, too.
The top five entries are listed below, along with all of the entries. A quick note for curious minds wondering how we picked the winners. First, it wasn't easy and you may disagree with our picks (let us know in the comments if you do!) Second, entries were shared with 10 MCPL staff members, and each picked their own top five. Entries that made the top five were picked based on appearances on the judges' lists. For example, our winner from Allie Gall was in five of the 10 lists (a sign of our differences in taste and difficulty choosing!)
Thanks again to the participants and start thinking of your scariest six words for 2016.
The entries:

  • Death searches for you. Relentless. Unforgiving. - Leigh Montalto
  • Deserted Road. Car stalls. Glass breaks. - Leigh Montalto
  • Nick shivers. The spirits are close. - Leigh Montalto
  • Incessant knocking. From inside the house. - Leigh Montalto
  • He got into the car drunk - Pattie Knight
  • Parachute tangled during one-mile jump - Ken Barker
  • The Ouija board spelled “IMU … Goodbye” - Evan Cass
  • Another shooter at a local school - Art Wiese
  • The poison smells delicious, right dearie? - Dylan Calhoun
  • In the dark, glowing eyes appear - Garret Parks
  • Bill arrives, reach into empty pocket - Jonah Dombrowski
  • Falling high, falling fast: no parachute! - Guy Gehrman
  • Alone in darkness. Are those voices? - Peter Clark
  • “It’s breech!” screamed the elephant’s midwife - Dawn Bohm
  • Masked faces walking all around me - Anna Koehl
  • Wake paralyzed itching crushed black widow - Kim Burnham
  • Oh my gosh, it got out! - Christopher Jensen
  • Oh my gosh, you’re having triplets! - Delaney Lawlis
  • Sleeping alone, someone pulls the blanket - Daphne Rose Gavin
  • Taxes due. You have no money. - Laura Rusch
  • She never saw the car coming - Stephanie Kohlie
  • There are two types of tumors - Theresa Schulta
  • Wait until your father gets home! - Theresa Schulta
  • Decayed leaves stain Fall’s walk. HIROSHIMA – Tracey Ludvik
  • Drunken push, dead eyes, ask why - Tracey Ludvik
  • Leaves falling like yellow snow. Winter! - Tracey Ludvik
  • With his last breath, “Behind You!” – Cole Martinez
  • Fleshless bones, rats and maggots, burp! - Susan Ninneman
  • Eyeballs pop, blood drops, lick chops - Susan Ninneman
  • Stop! Come back! I’m still alive! - Julie Mayrose
  • Dropped phone. Oh no, cracked screen. - Sydney Pisarski
  • Dad, mom knows we watched ‘Psycho’ - Tony Liddle
  • “Attention: the Earth Project has failed” - Isabel Dahlke
  • Dirty fingernails, panicked breath, blinding darkness - Mercadees Schara
  • Bloodcurdling scream, corpselike blur, dreadful nightmare - Whitney Guenther
  • Hot breath, weight on chest, snarling - Hannah Morse
  • In the shadows it lies. Waiting. - Laura Hillman
  • Safe under the covers; maybe not - Sam Larsen
  • Chilling graveyard, eerie fog, bloodcurdling screams - Nick Weinkauf
  • Knife hidden; he rings the doorbell - Shawn Bunkelman
  • Knives were removed – so was he. - McKenzie Durr
  • Dead body, bloody fingers, Shia Lebouf - Justin Michalewicz
  • Ominous shadows, sinister looks, eerie shrill … Macey Wirkus
  • It’s gone, the life you love - Jarret Miles-Kroening
  • Decapitation, murder, exorcism, screams, dead, behind. - Hugo Calderon
  • He cackles from the shadows, “Soon.” - Marissa Slack
  • Disappearances, monstrous howls, trapped in darkness - Scott E. Lepak
  • Fastidious sadistic, constrained victim, glinting scalpel - Miranda Myszka
  • Dark woods, creepy noises, howling death - Jorid Folster
  • Burning flesh, deafening screams, butchering psychopath - Nataley Myszka
  • Spine-chilling world, horrendous murder, bloodcurdling bath - Noah Fernbach
  • Eerie graveyard, loud screams, bloody terror - Isabel Slagoski
  • Child trapped down in eerie basement - Tyler Soczka
  • Sinister bloodcurdling corpse in the shadows - Jesse Albert
  • Screaming bloody murder and sadistic terror - Rachel Roskopf
  • The sinister laughing of sadistic murders - Hanna Lang
  • Ominous clouds, loud screams, bloody corpses - Dawson Berry
  • Eight legs, unable to get out - Michael Wood
  • Creaking hallways, bloody walls, deathly victim - Lindsey Schneeberger
  • The bloodsucking sinister victim of death - Brock Mueller
  • Sinister terror, trapped death, bloody corpse - Brianna Hoppenworth
  • “Mommy, where did your face go?” - Allie Gall
  • Quiet whispers, loud footsteps, empty house. - Samantha Schreiber
  • Trips in the darkness, sticky hands. - Mckayla Drenner
  • Children of Tigoku, weeping bloody tears. - Jared Garske
  • Baby monitor, crying child, home alone - Kamryn Butt
  • Wood creaking, blood streaking, midnight reaping. - Wesley Gust
  • Basement screams, coming from your basement - Nicholas Koller
  • Slowly dangling, bloody kids, “Who’s next?” - Brooke Jisko
  • Dark shadow, gleaming axe, missing person. - Rose Paul
  • Possessed demon, unhuman laughter, bloody mess. - Bethany Borchardt
  • Bloody victim trapped in shadowy tomb. - Seth Schilling
  • Bloodcurdling screams from below our feet. - Mason Guralski
  • “The earth will explode in five…” - Rachel Heiden
  • What’s in the corner, sadistic sloth. - Tyler Sommer
  • Dark room, closing in, panic cries. - Hannah Brewster
  • Revived figure, “There is no God.” - Taiyah Tarter
  • The purge, chaos, violence, only death. - Tyler Engel
  • Screaming girls, bloody hands, sharp knife. - Erica Lemmer
  • Creaking floors, sadistic man, no survivors. - Kelsey Strobel
  • Macabre basement, dark silence, metal scraping. - Lyndi Mullen
  • Bloody knife, victim shadows, death trap. - Tyler Matysik
  • Dark room, sinister figure, bloody footsteps. - Brett Schutte
  • Gory foreign weapon, unearthly deathlike shrieks. - Alec Hafferman