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Thank you, Wausau Noon Optimists and Target!

December 21, 2010

I attended the Wausau Noon Optimists' meeting on 12/20 to accept a check for an exciting new computer for the Children's Computer Lab in Wausau.

The AWE Early Literacy Station brings our computers for children into the 21st century in terms of both hardware and software.  A touch screen, a color-coded keyboard and a mouse designed for little hands provide ease of navigation for young children.  All of the software is preloaded--no more handling of discs!  More than 50 programs were selected in seven subject areas, based on current educational standards for children ages 2-10. 

Funding for the Early Literacy Station was co-sponsored by an Early Childhood Reading grant from Target and the Wausau Noon Optimists. 

Thank you to Target, Dick Lepinski (pictured) and the Optimists for sharing my enthusiasm for this wonderful addition to the Children's Library.  It will provide fun learning for the children of our community for many years to come.  It will be in our Children's Lab very soon--come and give it a try!

The Optimists have other surprises in store for the Children's Library as part of their Fiftieth Anniversary celebration--stay tuned!