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Winners of the Six Spooky Words Contest

October 31, 2014

This year, we asked you to create a scary story using just six words. We received a ton of creative and truly terrifying entries, which made judging difficult.
Here are the winning entries. Library staff will contact the winners to make arrangements for picking up their prize.

5. “I am watching you right now” – Ann Seliger
4. “Dismembered demon wanders through macabre masquerade” – Shereen Siewert
3. “Finally alone, then the floor creaked” – Amber Edwards
2. "It’s Here. Don’t look. Don’t scream" – Kali Kaiser


And the winner.....
1. "And Then the Lights Went Off" – Steve Weinkauf

Honorable mentions:
“Open shades, pale face staring in” – Miriam Gustafson
“Scary, spine-tingling, bloodletting screams enshroud me” – Karen Zumann
“I wept. We’re out of bacon” – Kyla Baeseman
“Car wheels screech; training wheels spin” Chelsea Bauman

Finally, here is a complete list of entries. Thank you to everyone who participated!

  • Janet Laska: ““Scary zombie escapes from the cemetery”
  • Steve Weinkauf: “And Then the Lights Went Off”
  • Juliana Palmcook: “Six Scary Spiders Slid Through Slime”
  • Jason Mechelke: “Listen honey, I think I’m pregnant”
  • Shereen Siewert: “Dismembered demon wanders through macabre masquerade”
  • Jennifer Sorenson: “The Devil’s Night brings no dawn.”
  • Elaine Iattoni: “Spooky Kooky Lucas Cookies Dead Now”
  • Marsha Young: “In Darkness All Fears Lay Waiting
  • Laney Pankratz: “Ghosts come. Ghouls come at night”
  • Ty Pankratz: “Trapped in corner, zombies smile hungrily”
  • Howard Lego:
    • “I’m Where You Think I’m Not”
    • “A Shadow Passes, or did it?”
    • “Chains Rattle, Then Silence echoes”
    • “An Open Window, That’s My Invite”
    • “Stop, Listen, Look! Bang! You’re Dead”
    • “Don’t Look Behind You; You’re Dead”
  • Miriam Gustafson
    • "Leaves crackles underfoot, what was that?"
    • "Hiss! Started cat, light flickers out!"
    • "Warm fireplace, apparition coldly standing near"
    • "Smiling, warming cold-bloodied hands near fireplace"
    • "Cats hiss! Growl! It’s behind you!"
    • "Headless Horseman coming! This! No Fun!"
    • "Blood moon, seen between darkened forest"
    • "Steps, ball bouncing, head stops, feet"
    • "Knocking, candy, smiling, fling door open"
    • "Darkness, leaves scratch pavement, alone walking"
    • "Something moves in the shadows, darkness moves…"
    • "Knocking, candy, door opening, ghost disappears!"
    • "Broomstick found, must’ve come down. Witches!"
    • "Gnarled hand shooting up, dead landscape"
    • "Shadow creeps, leaves scuttle, darkness screams!"
    • "Headless horseman coming for you, alone"
    • "Nosferatu 1920’s vampire actor or real?"
    • "Nosferatu vampire gives me the chills"
    • "Candy spilt path, laughing trick treaters"
    • "Sundown, darkness creeps, miles from home"
    • "Candy apples glisten, children’s anticipation awaiting"
    • "Shadowed hallways, running to your room"
    • "Headless horseman chasing Ichabod in circles"
    • "Ouija slides, startles, never go back!!!"
    • "Broomstick, witches fly, blood moon sky"
    • "Ding-dong, grab candy, no one’s there!"
    • "Knocking, grab candy, no one’s there!"
    • "Knocking, smiling, candy excitement, door opens…"
    • "Frozen lake, gnarled hand shooting up!:
    • "Shrieks, doors that creak near you!"
    • "Headless horseman comes, run! You’re done!"
    • "Bubbling black murkiness, drinking Earl Grey"
    • "Distant caw, flutter, raven takes flight"
    • "Open shades, pale face staring in"
    • "Play with me, whispers the darkness"
    • "Dark path illuminated by ghostly sigh"
    • "Darkened house, lighted window, shadow passes"
    • "Blood-eyed moon, watching murder below"
    • "Candle blown out, stillness, darkness growling"
    • "Howling witches, coven, hidden black cave"
    • "Gnarled hand reaching, blood moon above"
    • "Ouija curse, better not touch board"
  • Steven Grim: “Dead Eyes in the Deep Dark”
  • Allan Johnson: ““I return a book that's overdue!”
  • Cara Bahlow: “Delicious Blood Dripped from his fangs”
  • Sharon Stachnik: “A murder of crows portended death”
  • Carol Maes: “The Dark Cemetery Screamed with Horror!”
  • Amber Edwards: ““Finally alone, then the floor creaked”
  • Ann Seliger: “I am watching you right now”
  • Karen Zumann: “Scary, spinetingling, bloodletting screams enshroud me”
  • Brett Erikson: “Last Man on Earth, phone rings”
  • Xavier Hackel: “Ghostly figures, blood curdling screams, overly gory”
  • Asha Kavajecz: “Empty stomach, empty fridge, dead inside”
  • Katie Hiebl: “The frantic shriek rung throughout all”
  • Joshua Gumz: “Bloody body, shallow grave, dirty shovel"
  • David Koeppl: "Step inside, the devil is I"
  • Tianna Borchardt: "Daddy’s girl, unearthly screams, bloodstained walls"
  • Maverick Mueller: "Deafening silence, don’t look behind you"
  • Dana Heidmann: "Bone grinding, finger shattering, disintegrating corpse"
  • Tianna Weatherby: "Macabre town, ungodly screams, gruesome deaths"
  • Kassie Goodwin: “Our little secret” whispers my daddy
  • Samantha Bruner: "Murdering cries, repulsive screams, gory face"
  • Ben Lepak: "Help! Shots fired, nothing heard again"
  • Travis Guralski: "Threatening skies, creepy clamor, sinister silhouettes"
  • Caleb Michalewicz: "Decadent, cadaverous faces, scathing, heinous voices"
  • Kali Kaiser: "It’s Here. Don’t look. Don’t scream"
  • Jenna Heindl: "Cries from below, silence from above"
  • Taylor Martyn: "Lurid pictures, occult discussions, horrifying night"
  • Richard Butalla: "Dark room, rotting stench, ghastly moon"
  • Ally Krueger: "Awakened by hammering, my coffin top"
  • Matthew Urmanski: "Fresh white snow sprinkled with red"
  • Taylor Kirsch: "Behemoth spider piercing elephant, fangs protruding"
  • Sabrina Woller: "Gloomy park, overcast, walking, bushes, yelp!"
  • Andrea Bargender: "Dismal forest, insanely quiet, twigs snap"
  • James Smazal: "Creepy footsteps, creaky door, sudden screams"
  • Katelyn Krause: "Masculine silhouette, woman shrieking, blood spattered"
  • Chelsea Bauman: "Car wheels screech; training wheels spin"
  • Kyla Baeseman: "I wept. We’re out of bacon"
  • Travis Witt: "Buried in a steel casket, unconscious"
  • Hunter Ellenbecker: "Eerie music, water running, door opening"
  • Charles Niemann: "Monstrous night, rickety shack, blood-curdling scream stops"

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