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What are "Grab & Go" activities, and how do I pick one up?

FAQ: What are "Grab & Go" activities, and how do I pick one up?


knitting and crocheting supplies

To support social distancing during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the library is offering a variety of "Grab & Go" activity kits that may be picked up for completion at home.

These kits include most or all of the supplies needed to complete these projects and instructions (sometimes including a link to online video instructions). The target audience for each activity varies; there are activities for children, teens, adults and all ages. Some of these activities were planned as on-site library events before the pandemic and were adapted  to enable at-home participation, while others were planned more recently.

How to pick up a Grab & Go activity kit:

  • MCPL Wausau: Visit the library any time (no appointment required) during our curbside pickup hours hours on the dates listed for the Grab & Go activity. 

  • MCPL branches: Visit the library by appointment during our curbside pickup or appointment hours on the dates listed for the Grab & Go activity.

If you have any questions, please contact your local MCPL!


Grab & Go Events

event example [9921]

Grab & Go
Fire-Breathing Dragons

Children Registration Drop-in Pick up a kit throughout the summer via curbside pickup at various MCPL locations to craft your own dragon at home!

  • 8/38/8/20 @ MCPL Athens
  • 8/108/14/20 @ MCPL Rothschild
  • 8/178/22/20 @ MCPL Wausau

children grades k-5 activities crafts hands-on activities slp covid-ready »

event example [10067]

Grab & Go
"Forever Garden" Woven Sunflower Project

Children Drop-in Become inspired by Laurel Snyder's "The Forever Garden" picture book; listen to the story and create your own sunflower. Available for curbside pickup at the library.

  • 8/38/7/20 @ MCPL Wausau

children art crafts covid-ready »

event example [10078]

Grab & Go
Jack & the Beanstalk

Children Registration Drop-in Kids can plant their own bean at home and watch it grow throughout the summer, with supplies and instructions provided by the library via curbside pickup, as well as stories for budding green thumbs!

  • 8/38/7/20 @ MCPL Mosinee

children grades k-5 preschool slp gardening nature covid-ready grab and go »

event example [9888]

Grab & Go
Create Your Own Crown!

Children Drop-in Pick up all the supplies you need tp decorate your own royal crown!

  • 8/108/14/20 @ MCPL Marathon City

children grades k-5 preschool crafts slp covid-ready »

event example [10130]

Little Grab & Go Treasures: DIY Pompom Coaster

Adults Drop-in Stop by the library in August to pick up a kit and create your own unique pompom coaster at home! Available curbside, no appointment needed, and part of our monthly "Little Treasures" craft offerings!

  • 8/108/21/20 @ MCPL Wausau

adults activities crafts hands-on learning covid-ready »

decorative magnets with flower and butterfly designs

Grab & Go
Spring Refrigerator Magnets

All-Ages Registration Drop-in Make decorative glass magnets, with all the supplies provided in a convenient take-home kit that can be picked up curbside!

  • 8/108/14/20 @ MCPL Hatley

adults children teens tweens art covid-ready grab and go »

event example [9937]

Grab & Go
DIY Unicorns

Children Registration Drop-in Make your own colorful, sparkly unicorn and spark your creativity before you start with a few online stories, with this grab and go craft project!

  • 8/178/22/20 @ MCPL Hatley

children grades k-5 activities crafts hands-on activities slp grab and go covid-ready »

event example [9463]

Grab & Go
Bow-Tie Noodle Butterfly

Children Registration Kids and their caregivers are welcome to pick up a take-home kit from the library and create a butterfly craft using brightly painted bow-tie pasta!

  • 8/248/28/20 @ MCPL Athens

children preschool activities art crafts food nature story time covid-ready »

event example [10106]

Grab & Go
Watercolor Surprise!

Children Drop-in Stop at the library's drive thru window to pick up a grab and go watercolor surprise kit for your preschool-aged child!

  • 8/319/11/20 @ MCPL Wausau

children preschool activities art hands-on learning covid-ready »

colorful lollipop candy

Roald Dahl Grab & Go Craft: Pipe Cleaner Lollipops

Children Registration Drop-in To celebrate the birthday of author Roald Dahl, stop by the library to pick up a fun craft to make at home!

  • 9/149/19/20 @ MCPL Mosinee

children crafts activities covid-ready grab and go »