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What options are there for parking at the Wausau library?

FAQ: What options are there for parking at the Wausau library?


The main Library Parking Lot (north of the building, by the front doors) offers 39 parking spaces with free three-hour parking for library patrons – no parking meters, permits or pay stations. Large groups (10 or more people) using the library's meeting rooms or attending library events are asked to park in other nearby lots / ramps; see Group Visits for details..

Other nearby lots and ramps are controlled by the City of Wausau and offer paid parking Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm; however, the first two hours of parking are free if you register at a pay station located in the lot / ramp, and parking is free on weekends and evenings (after 6pm).

These lots / ramps include:

  • Lower Library Lot (Lot 7 | Zone 5720) -- west of the library (behind it) by the river, access from Washington St.
  • Jefferson Street Ramp (Ramp 2 | Zone 5715) -- northeast of the library (across the street from the main lot), access from First St.
  • Jefferson Street Inn Lot (Lot 17 | Zone 5725) -- east of the library (across the street, behind the Federal Building), access from Washington St. and Jefferson St.
  • West Mall Ramp (Ramp 3 | Zone 5716) -- southeast of the library (across the intersection), access from Washington St. and First St.

Parking in these lots /ramps longer than two hours is available via the pay stations or the "Passport Parking" app. Please note: Vehicles displaying a handicapped / disabled license plate or hang-tag are exempt from registering at a pay station or paying for extended parking.

Free street parking is also available near the library, subject to a two-hour limit unless otherwise indicated.

Further options for parking in downtown Wausau (including future changes) are described on the the City of Wausau website at