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New Books: For Children

The lacrosse mix-up

The lacrosse mix-up Mike Lupica

Publisher's description: While playing lacrosse, third-grade twins Zach and Zoe search for the culprit who damaged Mateo's lacross stick. (2020-01-22)

Frank Lloyd Wright English

Frank Lloyd Wright English Patricia Geis

Publisher's description: The life and work of visionary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright launches our new activity book series, Meet the Architect!, an expansion of our Meet the Artist! series. (2019-11-05)

Go girls go

Go girls go Frances Gilbert

Publisher's description: Come along for a rollicking ride in this picture book celebration of vehicles that puts girls in the driver’s seat! Girls can race…and girls can fly. Girls can rocket way up high! Piloting fire trucks, trains, tractors, and more, the girls in this ...

Elbow Grease vs Motozilla

Elbow Grease vs Motozilla John Cena

Publisher's description: Elbow Grease is back and about to face off against the gnarly monster machine Motozilla, but it's going to take teamwork. Luckily, Elbow Grease can count on his four big brothers to rev their engines and help him try to beat the beast! ...

Hercules and the nine-headed Hydra

Hercules and the nine-headed Hydra Tracey West

Publisher's description: Zeus and his friends are back for another adventure in this latest Heroes in Training chapter book! (2019-12-03)

Ninitas big world

Ninitas big world Sarah Glenn Marsh

Publisher's description: "The ... true story of how YouTube star Ninita--a deaf, orphaned pygmy marmoset (the smallest type of monkey)--found family, friendship, and a forever home"-- (2019-04-30)

Where is Mommy

Where is Mommy Pat Cummings

Publisher's description: "Fresh dirt, a kale recipe, and other clues lead a girl to Mommy--in the garden!"-- (2019-01-15)

You loves Ewe

You loves Ewe Cece Bell

Publisher's description: Homonyms cause great confusion as an increasingly cranky yam tries to make introductions and provide explanations to a newly-arrived and rather silly donkey. (2020-01-22)

Red Panda Moon Bear

Red Panda Moon Bear Jarod Rosell

Publisher's description: Two Latinx kids battle supernatural threats to their working-class neighborhood with the power of science, magic, and a pair of very special hoodies. Red Panda and Moon Bear are the defenders of their community! (2019-03-01)