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New Books: For Children

The Passover mouse

The Passover mouse Joy Nelkin Wieder

Publisher's description: Includes background information about the story and glossary. (2020-05-30)

Real Pigeons fight crime

Real Pigeons fight crime Andrew McDonald

Publisher's description: Ever wonder why pigeons act so weird? Because they are secretly chasing bad guys and flying around saving your butt! This hilarious illustrated series is perfect for fans of BAD GUYS and DOG MAN. What do REAL PIGEONS do? (2020-01-07)

Bonnie Ben rhyme again

Bonnie Ben rhyme again Mem Fox

Publisher's description: Come along as a pair of rhyme-loving siblings take a walk and are inspired to recite their favorite nursery rhymes to the world around them in this sweet and funny read-aloud. Bonnie and Ben are two rambunctious siblings who love to rhyme. One day, on a walk ...

Here in the real world

Here in the real world Sara Pennypacker

Publisher's description: Immersing himself in a fantasy world of knights and chivalry, introverted Ware is sent to a summer camp designed around social interactions and begins building a castle-like private space while clashing with a fellow misfit. (2020-02-04)

Emily writes

Emily writes Jane Yolen

Publisher's description: Jane Yolen's Emily Writes is an imagined and evocative picture book account of Emily Dickinson’s childhood poetic beginnings, featuring illustrations by Christine Davenier. (2020-02-04)

Gator girls

Gator girls Stephanie Calmenson

Publisher's description: From Stephanie Calmenson and Magic School Bus author Joanna Cole comes the first story about the adventures of Allie and Amy, two friends who have a true-blue friendship in this silly, fun-to-read Aladdin QUIX chapter book that’s perfect for emerging readers! Best, best, best friends Amy and ...

Baby Shark and the magic wand

Baby Shark and the magic wand Pinkfong

Publisher's description: Based on the global phenomenon, this official Pinkfong Baby Shark book is perfect for sharing with the Baby Shark fan in your life! When Grandma Shark breaks her magic wand, it creates some hilarious and crazy magic for Baby Shark and his friends. Baby Shark and the ...

Justice League and the false destiny

Justice League and the false destiny Michael Anthony Steele

Publisher's description: Soon after Batman introduces a new Justice League hopeful, the heroes suddenly begin losing their powers. Includes glossary, discussion questions, and writing prompts. (2020-05-30)

Frozen adventures

Frozen adventures

Publisher's description: Collects the everyday adventures of princesses Anna and Elsa and their friends, Olaf, Kistoff, and Sven. (2020-02-04)

Every day is Earth Day

Every day is Earth Day Jordan Brown

Publisher's description: Join Jet Propulsion and his friends as they celebrate Earth in this Level 2 Ready-to-Read based on a popular episode of PBS’s hit show Ready Jet Go! When Jet learns that humans celebrate Earth Day, he can’t help but wonder, why can’t every day be Earth Day? ...

Before the sword

Before the sword Grace Lin

Publisher's description: New York Times bestselling author Grace Lin pens this novel filled with adventure and wonder set before the upcoming Walt Disney Studios Mulan film. (2020-02-11)