New Books: For Teens

Grimoire noir

Grimoire noir Vera Greentea

Publisher's description: Beautiful, spooky, and utterly enchanting, Vera Greentea and Yana Bogatch's Grimoire Noir is a charming graphic novel about coming to terms with your own flaws and working past them to protect those dear to you. (2019-07-23)

Of ice and shadows

Of ice and shadows Audrey Coulthurst

Publisher's description: The long-awaited sequel to the acclaimed YA fantasy Of Fire and Stars! (2019-08-13)


Rebel Marie Lu

Publisher's description: But never underestimate the Rebel. With unmatched suspense and her signature cinematic storytelling, #1 New York Times–bestselling author Marie Lu plunges readers back into the unforgettable world of Legend for a truly grand finale. (2019-10-01)

The fountains of silence

The fountains of silence Ruta Sepetys

Publisher's description: At the Castellana Hilton in 1957 Madrid, eighteen-year-old Daniel Matheson connects with Ana Moreno through photography and fate as Daniel discovers the incredibly dark side of the city under Generalissimo Franco's rule. (2019-09-22)

This place

This place

Publisher's description: Explore the past 150 years through the eyes of Indigenous creators in this groundbreaking graphic novel anthology. Beautifully illustrated, these stories are an emotional and enlightening journey through Indigenous wonderworks, psychic battles, and time travel. See how Indigenous peoples have survived a post-apocalyptic ...

Color me in

Color me in Natasha Natasha E Diaz

Publisher's description: Fifteen-year-old Nevaeh Levitz is torn between two worlds, passing for white while living in Harlem, being called Jewish while attending her mother's Baptist church, and experiencing first love while watching her parents' marriage crumble. (2019-09-22)

Living simply

Living simply Sally McGraw

Publisher's description: Twenty-first-century minimalism is an increasingly mainstream response to global environmental crises such as climate change, the garbage glut, fast fashion, and other manifestations of the harmful impact of consumerism. Originally founded in the art world in the decades after World War II, minimalism ...

All routes lead to doom

All routes lead to doom Satoru Yamaguchi

Publisher's description: When a woman is reborn into an otome video game as the villainess, how can she play to win? Based on the hit light novels and soon to be an anime! (2019-07-30)