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Barbed Wire, Windmills and Sixguns

Staff Review: Barbed Wire, Windmills and Sixguns

"Barbed Wire, Windmills and Sixguns" by Donald K. Kirk

Cover: 'Barbed Wire, Windmills and Sixguns'

A whooper of a book at 720 pages, BARBED WIRE, WINDMILLS AND SIXGUNS is a marvelous and utterly fascinating trivia compendium on the Old West. Kirk's book is overflowing with dozens of lists, biographies, stories, chronologies and illustrations on cowboys, Indians, gunfighters and gunfights, lawmen, miners, towns, western words and phrases, six-shooters, western ballads and poems, card games, western movies and TV shows, battles and other Wild West facts. It's entertaining and educational and should give all armchair cowboys hours of reading delight. 

Audience: Adults | Genre: Nonfiction, History


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