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Cover: 'Bob'

Staff Review: "Bob" by Wendy Mass, Rebecca Stead


Bob’s been waiting for Livy for five, very long boring years at her grandmother’s house, exactly as she told him to do. When Livy finally returns to her grandmother’s house in Australia to stay for a while, she strangely remembers nothing about ever being at her grandmother’s house before, yet it feels like she has forgotten something very important. Then she opens the closet door in her mother's old bedroom and sees a short, green, zombie-like creature with an orange chicken feather outfit on, and she slowly begins to remember. Of course; it’s Bob. Livy promised before she left five years ago that she would help him find his way home, only neither one of them knows for sure who he is or where his home is. This is a sweet, heart-warming tween story, perhaps a bit reminiscent of E.T., with just enough magic thrown in to help us believe. I loved it

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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