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The Book of Life

Cover: 'The Book of Life'

Staff Review: "The Book of Life" by Deborah Harkness


In the final installment of the All Souls trilogy, Matthew and Diana return from Elizabethan England to further dig up the origins of witches, daemons, and vampires. They need to find the alchemical manuscript known as Ashmole 762, or the Book of Life, to uncover these secrets. They must find the manuscript before it gets in the wrong hands, namely, Matthew's son, Benjamin. If the book does, it could have repercussions on Matthew and Diana's unborn twins, the rest of their family, and the supernatural world. I really enjoyed A Discovery of Witches, the first book in this trilogy, but felt like this last book dragged on and did not have as much excitement. Matthew tends to be overbearing and dramatic, which can be a turnoff to the story. Diana's story and the mystery behind Ashmole 762 make the trilogy a worthy read for fans of supernatural romances and mystery.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, supernatural, fantasy, historical fiction

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