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The Boy Who Drew Monsters

Cover: 'The Boy Who Drew Monsters'

Staff Review: "The Boy Who Drew Monsters" by Keith Donohue


Looking for a creepy read? Then look no further. This book plays on some of our darkest childhood fears; monsters in the closet, vicious dogs, losing our loved ones, and drowning. Ten-year-old Jack Peter has suffered from agoraphobia since he nearly drowned 3 years ago. The only time he sets foot outside is when his parents wrap him in a blanket and stuff him in the car for appointments. His parents and lifelong friend, Nicholas, are his only companions. When strange things start happening around the house, Jack’s parents start seeking answers. Their world is quickly plunged into chaos. Ghosts, monsters, vicious beasts, and other terrifying apparitions leave everyone scrambling for safety and questioning their sanity. Only Jack Peter knows the real reason why his family is targeted; he is the creator of the drawings that are coming to life to haunt those closest to him. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, horror, supernatural, paranormal

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