The Boy on the Wooden Box

Staff Review: The Boy on the Wooden Box

"The Boy on the Wooden Box" by Leon Leyson

Cover: 'The Boy on the Wooden Box'

Ten-year-old Leon Leyson’s idyllic days playing on the streets and streetcars of Krakow, Poland quickly changed to a life of fear, degradation, humiliation and a day-to-day struggle to stay alive. Why? He was Jewish. His detailed memoir recounts these horrific days when the Third Reich invaded their town and began their increasingly brutal effort to annihilate every Jew they could locate. Hope came in his father’s fortunate association with one Nazi, Oskar Schindler. This unforgettable Holocaust memoir in the library’s teen collection is a must read for all ages.

Audience: Teens | Genre: Nonfiction, History, Holocaust


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