Castle Hangnail

Staff Review: Castle Hangnail

"Castle Hangnail" by Ursula Vernon

Cover: 'Castle Hangnail'

The minions at Castle Hangnail are desperate. In order to keep the castle they love they need a new master for magic and evil responsibilities or the Board of Magic will force closure. But when Molly, who is short and barely 12-years-old, shows up on their doorstep and claims to be a wicked witch, they are doubtful she’s the real thing. While she’s trying to convince the minions by checking items off the Board of Magic’s requirement list, Lady Eudaimonia, a powerful, evil sorceress with an attitude enters and claims she’s the new master. With spells and magic flying, the fight is on in this delightful tween fantasy novel by the author of the beloved "Dragonbreath" series.

Audience: Children, Tweens | Genre: Fiction, Fantasy


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