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Catch Me

Cover: 'Catch Me'

Staff Review: "Catch Me" by Lisa Gardner


The sixth Detective D.D. Warren novel by Lisa Gardner, CATCH ME, opens to find a woman named Charlene Rosalind Carter Grant who believes, after the murder of her two best friends, that she will be next to die in exactly four days. Counting down the hours until her death, Charlene finds Detective Warren at the crime scene of a murdered pedophile and pleads for her help. As Warren delves into Charlene's strange and secretive past, she fights to figure out the mysterious deaths of Charlene's best friends, as well as the recent murders that seem to stack up around her. What ensues is a fast paced thriller with a truly surprising twist at the end that will leave the reader impatiently waiting for Lisa Gardner's next novel, FEAR NOTHING. 

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, mystery

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