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Cat's Cradle

Cover: 'Cat's Cradle'

Staff Review: "Cat's Cradle" by Kurt Vonnegut


A young impressionable writer two sets out to interview the children of Felix Hoennikker, a brilliant scientist credited with inventing the atomic bomb. A believer in the Caribbean religion of Bokonon, the writer believes that God, fate and the universe will guide his life, introducing him to the people he is supposed to meet, sending him to the places he is supposed to travel to, and so on. Soon, he finds himself traveling with Hoennikker's eccentric children to the island nation of San Lorenzo (the birthplace of Bonkonon) to meet with the island's dictator and to track down the last remaining slivers of ice-nine, a dangerous scientific creation of Hoennikker's that turns all earthly forms of water into ice in an instant.

Cat's Cradle is a novel that has so many layers to it, you can't help but examine your own thoughts and beliefs after reading it. The book has many themes, chiefly among them fate, following your destiny, religion vs. science and the resilience of humanity. What's most appealing about this novel is the journey it takes you on. Just like the protagonist, you have no idea where the story will take you next, and the ride it takes you on is incredibly fun. The book is teeming with quirky, off-beat characters which add to the absurdism of the story. While this novel may not appeal to everyone (I wasn't sure if I would like it), I would strongly encourage you to give it a chance!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, science fiction, satire, dystopian

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