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Christmas Wombat

Cover: 'Christmas Wombat'

Staff Review: "Christmas Wombat" by Jackie, French


This book is a wonderful holiday read about a wombat who loves carrots, naps, and scratching. This love of carrots takes him on an adventure (a holiday adventure), though wombats don't celebrate holidays and have no concept of what Christmas or Santa is. The wombat finds himself face-to-face with reindeer (he names them strange creatures), who he battles with using intense eye contact and a stern expression. Wombats love to nap, and this love of napping finds the wombat in the most unexpected places.

Christmas Wombat is a silly book for all ages, perfect for interactive reading due to the limited words and expressive pictures. If you're looking for something to read during the holiday (or after!) that's quirky and surprising, this book is for you and your child. 

Audience: children | Genre: picture book

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