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Close to Home

Staff Review: Close to Home

"Close to Home" by Lisa Jackson

Cover: 'Close to Home'

This novel is about Sarah, a single mother of two girls starting over by moving back to her family's old, run down, estate in a small town alongside the Columbia River. Planning to remodel and bring the house she grew up in back to its old glory, Sarah is unprepared for all the memories and unanswered questions surrounding her family that the remodeling dredges up. Not only that, but her younger daughter is convinced she sees the ghost of a woman who vanished on the property decades ago. This novel is part supernatural mystery, but mostly the present day journey of Sarah and her daughters finding their way through a mysterious family past and the present day struggles of starting over. When girls start to go missing around town, the small family is put on even more of an alert, and this novel was a fast-paced, interesting journey through it all. I was a tad underwhelmed when the kidnapper's identity was revealed, but the revelation of all the family secrets unraveling at the end more than made up for it. An excellent, atmospheric novel!

Audience: Adults | Genre: Fiction, Mystery


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