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The Collector

Staff Review: The Collector

"The Collector" by Nora Roberts

Cover: 'The Collector'

In Nora Roberts' latest tale of romantic suspense, Lila Emerson, a professional house sitter, witnesses a murder from the window of the luxury apartment she is staying at. She is drawn into a deadly game of intrigue, world travel, and priceless art. Ashton Archer is determined to find out why his brother died, and recruits Lila to help him solve the mystery. He is intrigued by her beauty and hopes to paint her. Sparks fly as the couple attempts to stay one step ahead of a ruthless assassin and track down a Faberge egg worth millions. This book may not be Roberts' strongest, but it will still be a hit for anyone who enjoys her novels.

Audience: Adults | Genre: Fiction, Mystery


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