Complete Guide to Natural Home Remedies

Staff Review: Complete Guide to Natural Home Remedies

"Complete Guide to Natural Home Remedies" by National Geographic Society

Cover: 'Complete Guide to Natural Home Remedies'

This book is a plethora of information! This guide includes remedies for all the common ailments, including skin, digestive, muscle, and breathing problems. Each ailment is broken down into more specific problems and multiple home remedies are given as well as information on when further medical attention is needed. Also included in this easy to follow and welcoming guide is information on the many uses of different herbs. Following that, nutrition and meal ideas for most fruits, vegetables, fish, oils, and even coffee, tea, and chocolate are included. This National Geographic Guide also has natural home and body care, cleaners, and scrubs, as well as ideas for a healthy lifestyle and a guide to many of the healing arts, such as yoga and Chinese medicine. This is a wealth of resources!

Audience: Adults | Genre: Nonfiction, Health


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