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Connect the Stars

Cover: 'Connect the Stars'

Staff Review: "Connect the Stars" by Marisa de los Santos, David Teague


You could say that thirteen-year-old Audrey Alcott is obsessed with lying. She can’t help it. She instinctively knows when people are lying and it’s making her life so miserable that her parents send her to a six-week summer wilderness camp that promises attendees a “journey to confidence.” There she meets Aaron Archer, a kid with a brain like a walking computer, who is great with facts but not so good at assembling them. Going out on their daily desert wilderness treks seems pretty boring, but when a life or death emergency happens, it takes everything they’ve learned collectively to try to get through it. This tween adventure novel, told with alternating narrators, is a refreshing look at family, friends and what it really takes to survive and thrive.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction, action adventure

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