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Cut the Sugar, You're Sweet Enough: Cookbook

Cover: 'Cut the Sugar, You're Sweet Enough: Cookbook '

Staff Review: "Cut the Sugar, You're Sweet Enough: Cookbook " by Ella Leche


Looking to cut out sugar from your diet, or find healthier ways to make your favorite recipes? This cookbook is a great place to start! Filled with beautiful photography of scrumptious looking desserts, main meals, sides, and more, I found myself marking quite a few recipes to try. There wasn't anything in the description about it being a vegan cookbook, but it just so happened to be, which made me love it even more, as I knew I could safely try any recipe I wanted. As I don't use white sugar at home and am always looking for recipes that use natural sweeteners, this cookbook was perfect for me. But even if you're just starting out, or just want one or two recipes that make healthy swaps, this cookbook is a great resource!

Audience: adults | Genre: cookbook

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