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Dairy Queen

Cover: 'Dairy Queen'

Staff Review: "Dairy Queen" by Catherine Gilbert Murdock


This book was so true to life about a teen girl growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. The author writes with detail about the daily and seasonal work that always needs to be done on the farm. Throw in some unexpected happenings like illness or surgery and the daily routine changes for everyone. 

DJ finds herself in charge of many chores while her dad recovers from surgery and finds it difficult to keep up with her school work. She fails her English class and realizes she won't  be able to play sports if she doesn't get her grades up. Her English teacher takes pity on her and gives her a writing assignment that will put her back in the game if she passes it. She writes with humor, truth and detail. I couldn't put this book down!

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction

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