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Dangerous Creatures

Cover: 'Dangerous Creatures'

Staff Review: "Dangerous Creatures" by Kami Garcia


This book is a disappointing attempt at a spin-off series from the writers of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, the popular teen series about the supernatural world of Casters (witches) in South Carolina. Link and Ridley, now an on-again, off-again couple with magical abilities, escape their fictitious southern town of Gatlin, South Carolina, and head to New York City. The plot is confusing and clunky, especially when the book begins with a Ridley first-person perspective chapter and then switches to a third-person perspective for the rest of the book. However, the popularity of the authors will not deter most young readers, so if you must pick it up, I would suggest reading the short e-book prequel first, which chronicles Ridley’s prior visit to New York, and adds intrigue to the dull plot. Better advice, skip this disappointing spin-off and revisit the lush and magical world established in BEAUTIFUL CREATURES.

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction, paranormal, supernatural

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