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The Dead and the Dark

Cover: 'The Dead and the Dark '

Staff Review: "The Dead and the Dark " by Courtney Gould


One chapter in and I was immediately hooked on this story about a family who move to a small town called Snakebite for their latest ghost hunting investigation. But when Logan and her dads show up, it immediately becomes clear that not everything is as it seems. Something is wrong with this town, and it's not just their extreme distrust and disrespect of Logan's family. Something runs deeper, and one teen has already disappeared. Soon Logan is forced to team up with one of Snakebite's own residents to try and find out what her dads aren't telling her, and they are all thrown into a riveting mystery that reveals not only the truth of what's lurking beneath the surface, but truths about themselves.

I could not put this down! Not only did this have elements of mystery, horror, and the supernatural, but it was also an atmospheric novel of self discovery and self acceptance. I also really appreciated that the author shined a light on the disturbing and difficult experiences many in the LGBTQ+ community face when met with ignorance and hate from others. A powerful novel overall as well as an entertaining supernatural mystery!

Audience: teens | Genre: fiction

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