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A Dragon's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans

Cover: 'A Dragon's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans'

Staff Review: "A Dragon's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans" by Laurence Yep


Just two days after the funeral of her pet human, Fluffy (a.k.a. Amelia), a young girl named Winnie bursts into mournful Miss Drakes’s secret door in the basement proclaiming that she has been sent by her great-aunt Amelia so Miss Drake won't be lonely. Almost immediately, Miss Drake, who happens to be a dragon, theorizes that this seemingly obnoxious small human is going to be an extremely difficult pet to train. An adventure together leads them to more fantastical creatures and the procurement of a bewitched sketchbook destined to bring them both a bunch of trouble. This cute, heartwarming, humorous tale of unlikely friendships and love is one that tweens and all ages will enjoy.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction, fantasy

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