Staff Review: Dreamers

"Dreamers" by Yuyi Morales

Cover: 'Dreamers'

Following a mother and son duo as they immigrate to the United States, Yuyi Morales weaves an intricate tale of her own immigration story into this beautiful picture book. Not knowing the language, leaving family and friends, and being in a new place is frightening for anyone. Luckily, the mother and son duo find solace in a place for everyone: the local library. There they read stories and learn how to speak and write the language of their new home. They become two languages, a story of love, hope, and most importantly, dreamers of the world.

Told in simple, yet powerful sentences, Morales creates a story that anyone can relate to. The illustrations are also mesmerizing. The mix of acrylics and photographs makes this picture book a mixed-media masterpiece. Dreamers serves as a window into the immigrant world and is recommended for all families.

Audience: Children | Genre: Picture Book


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