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Cover: 'Elevation'

Staff Review: "Elevation" by Stephen King


"Elevation" was my very first Stephen King novel due to the fact that I had heard a lot of buzz surrounding this book. In this story we meet Scott Carey, who seems to be in a predicament. He keeps losing pounds on the scale; however, his body composition never changes. It seems that no matter how much he eats or wears, Scott simply cannot stop losing weight even though it wouldn't look that way by his appearance. As Scott begins to come to terms with what this means and what to expect when is weight reaches zero, he begins to open up to some people around him and embraces unlikely friendships. He begins to emanate what the best in humanity can look like if we all gave one another second, third, or even forth chances.

I am solidly giving the novel a 3.5 stars.  I thought that the premise of the story itself was intriguing, interesting, and original.  When I finished the book, though, I felt that I didn't get all of what I wanted or was promised by my referrals to the book. The ending, although fascinating, left me feeling that there was more to the story that could have been told that would have enriched it so much more. I still recommend reading this book simply for the message and feel good nature of the book. It isn't long and is still an interesting read.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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