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The Flatshare

Cover: 'The Flatshare '

Staff Review: "The Flatshare " by Beth O'Leary


What would you do if you had no other living option besides sharing a one bedroom flat with a complete stranger? A stranger though, that you won't actually see despite living together? 

Tiffy jumps (albeit hesitantly) at the chance of an affordable flat, especially since her flatmate is not supposed to be there at the same time, per their agreement. Leon, the flatmate, is looking for extra money to support his brothers' appeal case, and since he works opposite hours from Tiffy, it seems like the perfect arrangement, much to the dismay of everyone around them. 

The novel jumps back and forth from Tiffy and Leon, and I found myself immediately charmed by the realistic and entertaining characters. I loved how this author also brought light to important topics like therapy, gaslighting, and wrongful incarceration and didn’t shy away from discussing emotional abuse and the journey it can take to heal from that. Typically, I don't enjoy books with any hint of romance in them (I'm a lover of mysteries and psychologically thrillers), but I'm so glad I listened to all the fantastic reviews for this book and picked it up even though it's not my typical read. I ended up reading this in a day, and highly recommend it!

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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