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Fuzzy Mud

Cover: 'Fuzzy Mud'

Staff Review: "Fuzzy Mud" by Louis Sachar


Walking to and from school together for fifth-grader Tamaya and seventh-grader Marshall is a normal occurrence; walking through the woods is not. No one is supposed to walk through the woods, so when Marshall claims it’s a shortcut and the school bully, Chad shows up, hits Marshall and threatens Tamaya, she throws some of the unnatural, weird-looking fuzzy mud at Chad. With kids' lives potentially in danger, a U.S. Senate investigation begins regarding what is really happening in the laboratory at SunRay Farm located near the woods. Interspersed with testimony from the secret Senate inquiry, there is an authenticity and immediacy about this tween novel that is engaging from beginning to end.

Audience: children, tweens | Genre: fiction

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