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Cover: 'Giannis'

Staff Review: "Giannis" by Mirin Fader


If you are a basketball, Milwaukee Bucks, or Giannis Antetokounmpo fan, this book is a must read.  

An incredible story of hard work, sacrifice, family, and humbleness, this biography showcases Giannis's rise to the top from starting at an incredible low. You read about how Giannis and his brother shared shoes while growing up (even though Giannis's feet were MUCH smaller) because of their family's financial situation. Fast forward to him at 24 years old, where he has his own signature Nike shoe. The book also shows Giannis' dedication to his family, like when he didn't have enough money to buy a winter coat in Milwaukee because he sent most of his money to his family back in Greece.  

The book is filled with examples and stories of his determination and commitment to his family and a better life for them. Not only is Giannis "the savior the Bucks have been waiting for," but he is an incredibly generous and humble man. His journey is inspiring.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction, biography, celebrities

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