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Girls Like Us

Cover: 'Girls Like Us'

Staff Review: "Girls Like Us" by Gail Giles


"Girls Like Us" introduces us to Quincy and Biddy, two special education students (or as they refer to themselves, “Speddies”) as they graduate from high school and start life in the real world. Their high school advisor pairs them as roommates in a small apartment above the garage of their new employer and landlady. Quincy and Biddy could not engage with the world more differently, but those differences prove to be an asset as Biddy deals with a trauma from her past and Quincy faces a new one. The book shifts between the perspectives of the two girls, which is an effective narrative technique that values the viewpoints of each, allows readers to see the same event from different perspectives, and creates gaps between the two for readers to consider. "Girls Like Us" presents a moving and forceful argument for looking beyond labels and valuing all people as individuals—individuals with goals, dreams, and desires, including the fundamental desires of being heard, understood, and valued.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction, differing abilities, schneider family award winner

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