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The Gods of Gotham

Cover: 'The Gods of Gotham'

Staff Review: "The Gods of Gotham" by Lyndsay Faye


Who is killing Irish children so gruesomely? Timothy Wilde, an inhabitant of New York City and one-time bartender, suddenly finds himself a police officer. This is not a situation he is happy about and yet it will be up to him to find the answer to this ghastly question. The book takes a historical look at New York when the first police force was begun and when there was a great influx of Irish immigrants due to the Potato Famine (1845).  Conflicts and racism are rampant; the poverty staggering.  The reader will find many interesting facts about our earliest and largest city along with an intriguing murder mystery plot. I really enjoyed this book.

Audience: adults | Genre: fiction

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