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From Here to Eternity

Cover: 'From Here to Eternity'

Staff Review: "From Here to Eternity" by Caitlin Doughty


Caitlin Doughty is one of my favorite nonfiction authors, Her writing is easily digestible, funny, clever, and fascinating. Caitlin Doughty is a mortician, and From Here to Eternity is a chronicle of her adventures around the world learning about other cultures relationship with death and funeral practices.

Sectioned by location, the book starts in Colorado at the only public funeral pyre in the United States. Doughty approaches these experiences with respect and an openness, a willingness to see past the "weird." Another chapter details Zoroastrian Sky Burials and discusses how tourism has effected this ancient practice in more recent years. From the wish granting skulls in Bolivia to the American funeral industry, Doughty touches on embalming, the spirituality of natural burials, grief, and familial relationships that transcend death. 

Though the subject matter may seem morbid, this book is bursting with life and chocked full of information you didn’t know you needed.

Audience: adults | Genre: nonfiction

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