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Hey Grandude!

Cover: 'Hey Grandude!'

Staff Review: "Hey Grandude!" by Paul McCartney


On gray rainy days, don’t you wish you were exploring warm tropical beaches under the hot sun? Out on a trail ride with a real cowboy? Or instantly surrounded by snowcapped mountains, taking in the sights and sounds from on top of a hill of lush wildflowers?

Well, good news! You can!

That is, if you happen to have a Grandfather named “Grandude” and he happens to own a magical compass!

Paul McCartney’s picture book is a fun account of the adventures four little “chillers” have with their Grandude and his magical compass. On a rainy day he transports them to far away destinations by waving the compass over postcards featuring images of tropical islands, cowboys, snowcapped mountains, and finally home again.

Like lyrics to a song, Grandude recites “See the compass needle spin, let the magic fun begin!” and FLASH – just like that, they are instantly transported to one adventure after another!

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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