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Hope in the Holler

Cover: 'Hope in the Holler'

Staff Review: "Hope in the Holler" by Lisa Lewis Tyre


Wavie’s mom had a plan for her after her impending death from cancer, but ending up in in Conly Hollow, her family’s Appalachian home, was never intended to be a part of it. But when her alleged aunt shows up after her mom’s death and takes her there to live, she has no choice. What Waivie gets is a filthy home with garbage strewn everywhere, in a dirt-poor neighborhood and a long list of chores. Waive still finds joy and beauty in the beautiful mountains and the neighborhood children which her aunt has no use for. Through a new neighborhood friend, Gilbert, she gradually discovers some long-kept  family secrets, including why her self-professed “aunt “ really wants her to live with them, that changes her life and those around her. I loved this down-to-earth, hopeful tween novel and Wavie’s optimistic yet realistic spirit. It is a joyful read for all ages.

Audience: children | Genre: fiction

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